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GraNa is a thermoplastic part manufacturer, producing 1K and 2K plastic parts for the automotive industry and other OEMs since 1997. We have experience and great know-how in multi-component and gas injection molding. Our company is located in Győr, 123 km away from Budapest. Our employees are highly motivated and optimally qualified to fullfill all needs of our partners.

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Company philosophy

We have been using injection molding technology from the start: primarily we produce visible external and internal plastic parts (used in rearview mirrors, headlights and speakers) for world famous European car brands, for example: Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, etc. We deliver more than 25 million pieces of 800 different accessories for a total of 7 million EUR annually.

GRANA fulfilled the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification, which we keep perfecting for our clients convenience with IATF 16949 standards.

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1K injection molding

To produce visible or transparent injection moulded parts, and parts with 'A' surface, we have to meet high quality standards. We always fullfill these needs, to win the satisfaction of our customers.

2K injection molding

During 2K injection moulding we are working with hard-hard and hard-soft (TPE) materials in one step. Having black/water-clean components in a hard-hard part gives us an extra challenge.

Transparent and high gloss parts

Production of transparent or high gloss products is never easy. To meet automotive standards we work with the best tools to have the best quality products - even with black/water-clean components.


In many cases the production does not stop at injection moulding. With our know how in assembly processes and in automation, we can produce parts with complicated assembly tasks as well.

Special technologies

When liquid PUR is applied to a part, it expands and adheres to the component to form the desired gasket. By ultrasonic welding we create a solid-state weld, using ultrasonic vibrations.

Quality measurements

Our aim is to produce such products to our customers which reach the highest quality standards they require. To check the quality of our products we use 3D measurement (CMM) and scanning.

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